Lesson 6 – How To Make Your Videos Go Viral

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No video marketing course is complete without a section on making your videos go viral! So, inside today’s lesson, you’ll learn all about viral theory – how to “engineer” your videos to go viral!

Viral Video Theory is one of the most interesting and exciting topics I’ve researched and tested, mainly because of the massive promise for potential that it holds. Just imagine if you could get one of your videos to go totally viral on YouTube. You could literally become an overnight sensation. And if you’ve been setting up your Video Domination Hub the way I’ve been teaching you to do, you’ll be well set for international success and possibly worldwide stardom!

I know you will enjoy and love today’s video. Once again, make sure you implement today’s lessons inside your own videos, and start seeing the results for yourself. And remember, even though you may not get a million views on your video, it may still go viral within your niche to help you dominate even further!

Here’s to your viral video success!

Gideon Shalwick

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